The Road

In the midst of a world,
Fraught with worry and strife.
We, crushed like roses,
Must give up our life.
Though His flesh and blood,
Have opened the veil,
Up Calvary’s road,
We must all make a trail!

It’s easy to trust God,
On a sunshiny day.
Or claim a great victory,
When our flesh has its way!
But that’s not really trusting,
In Almighty God’s plans.
For your death is the victory,
His great love demands!

Down pain and the heartache,
we all walk that road.
Fatigued with the hardships,
Borne down with a load,
Till the ranks of God’s army,
Are numbering few.
For to march in the faith,
Is to learn to be true!

And over the Jordan,
Is where the troops rested,
When Israel’s children,
Were forty years tested.
For we cannot rest here,
Nor disobey His command, I
But march on to glory,
Home to the Promised Land!

At the end of the trail,
Stands death, our last foe.
Here God’s faith is needed,
To bid our fear go.
And over the Jordan,
We sail as a dove,
To the arms of the Master,
In the Heavens above!


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