The Rocks Cried Out

As we pondered sadly of our loss
My good friend, I and Gaius
The soldiers bid us haste to cross
From Jerusalem to Emmaus

When suddenly a dreadful blast
Shook all the plain before us
As riven rocks cried out aghast
Their echoes now a chorus:

Where is the King of Glory,
Our stony gates held fast?
Who dared to steal His body?
His days on Earth were past.

So we climbed up into the cave
For witness from the tomb
And saw what once had been a grave
Was now a living womb

There He stood, bright as the skies
To answer death’s decree
“Who robbed you of your bloodied prize?”
Enrobed in life, It’s Me!

I, He who died, live evermore
And shed these shrouded rags
I broke the bands of death’s dark door
How much more its rocky crags?

Gladly now these pilgrims kneel
And worship at Christ’s feet
They knew this rocky nest would peal
Death’s anthem of defeat


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