Adulation and Praise

It’s Open Link Night here at the Dverse Lounge. This is something I wrote while thinking of a vocal competition on TV. They reign in my heart too, sometimes

Adulation and praise
Twisted sisters of desire
Bred in every heart that beats
Born to stoke a hellish fire

As America’s new idols
Claim a title not their own
Who feed on adoration
But God’s glory isn’t shown

Siren songs on rocky shores
Call softly to the heart
Lives once bound for glory
Bid other’s grace depart

Marvels of the modern times
Blazing in a lusty fire
Their TV antics all the rage
Their lies true fans aspire

The sound of sweet success
Waits to answer all your dreams
But it’s lust that fills your heart
Not the beat of angel wings


17 thoughts on “Adulation and Praise

  1. Charley says:

    A thoughtful, well-crafted poetic commentary, Walt! The fruit was not the temptation. The offer: be like God. Much to read and ponder in your poem.

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Thanks Colorful. The desire for attention is a deeply rooted drive in all of us. Sometimes it’s difficult to push back from the table, and stop. Take for example our President, his detractors, numerous celebrities and a world of folks who want to be

      1. colorfulpen says:

        Sure, it can be taken too far and used for all the wrong reasons. Maybe in a way it depends how one approaches and receives that attention. Hopefully it’s positive and doesn’t lead to destructive shallowness but oftentimes it does.

  2. Grace says:

    I find such lust and drive for adulation shallow ~ These desires, once sated, don’t last long ~ But everyone beats to a different beat, so be it ~ Those false news and lies by politicans leave a bad taste in my mouth ~ Have a good weekend ~

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