So Lucky You

You are the reason for this rhyme,
You were born for your own time.
When you put-up,
E.F. Hutton will shut up.
Your generosity is so extreme,
Santa used you for his theme.
You were so handsome and your fame,
Made Tom Cruise blush with shame.
The tiny twinkle in your eye,
Blots out bright stars in the sky.
When a twister blows your way,
You pocket it for a rainy day.
When monsters have nightmares,
They only see your evil stares.
You’d never be in a movie,
It would take too long to see.
You are a legend in your own mind,
You are a lover of words,
No matter how absurd.

Proverb say: never trust fortune cookie

Hear more fortune cookies read at


15 thoughts on “So Lucky You

  1. Mary says:

    I really enjoyed your light-hearted take, making a bit of fun of those fortune cookies, Walter. And, ha, I don’t think fortune cookies should be trusted either. Smiles!!

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