Someone Like You

God painted a mural
In the heavens so high
A deep blue for day
And a twinkling night sky
Though I know the answer
The question is WHY

Why did He sculpt
Even one mountain pass?
Or carve out a valley
And fill it with grass?
For someone He did this
Or all else is just crass

Would’ve been simpler
To cut out the light
Never the bother
To tell day from night
Surely there’s someone
He needed to show

These beautiful scenes
And it’s someone I know
It wasn’t for many
Or even a few
But maybe for someone
As precious as you


35 thoughts on “Someone Like You

      1. Grace says:

        That’s a lovely thing to say.

        Just wanted you to know that I deleted your other link, the one about the muse. Perhaps it was in error, but we only read 1 poem per poet during OLN. See you!!!

      2. Waltermarks says:

        Thanks, for some reason yesterday’s Linky came up. I noticed I didn’t have anything posted and thought I had forgotten to press the button, thank you for keeping me on the ball.

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    What a lovely compliment you pay the other. (Or may we all put ourselves in the place of the person so addressed?)

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