Red Riding in the Hood

One more entry for the Dverse Lounge Anthropomorphose night;it’s talking, lying wolves. Who knew:

Little red went riding through the hood,
Cause Granny’s house was on her mind.
Friendly wolves on every corner stood.
Their toothy wolf smiles seemed so kind.

One lovely lone wolf was decisive.
‘Let the wolf-men change your outlook.
We want you to see how nice life is;
If you would just peruse our cookbook.’

Red hit the brakes on her new Schwinn,
And took hold of Wolfie’s furry hand.
She asked him, ‘Are you just a lyin? ‘
He said, ‘Not so’s you’d understand.

Hop off your bike and hear my plea,
We feed the hungry, that’s our stand.
You should trust your soul to me,
Your old granny loved our diet plan.

Little pig stew can save our skin.
Pork belly only costs a quarter.
A brighter day’s what we’ll be in.
We’ll be one in our new world order.

But as they spoke of wondrous bliss,
She spied her granny’s bloody nighty.
She knew then he’d keep his promise,
As he ate her, they were one alrighty!

Now lying wolves are greedy eaters,
And red riding hood is just a fable.
If you’re lured in by lying leaders,
You’ll be next on the kitchen table!

16 thoughts on “Red Riding in the Hood

  1. lillian says:

    OH………!!!!! That was just said out loud when I got to the last stanza! Wow! You did it again and hit the Mark wth this one 🙂
    LOVED the title and use of “hood.” And this line, “Red hit the brakes on her new Schwinn” made me chuckle outloud. But the moral of the story in the last stanza was a surprise and the perfect ending to this satire on the original tale. WELL DONE!!!

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