Anger Management 101

Cruel words in my ears explode,
Turning off my brain’s “nice” mode.
Payback, now my first response;
Revenge will be served hot for once!

Bitter words like cement sinking in,
Hardened in my heart again.
As arrows seek their own venue,
Fresh wounding cuts a swath anew.

Barbs stuck fast inside my soul,
Allow the tempter to control.
In rage my hateful bolts take flight,
Gods love eclipsed by selfish night.

But I know the cursing on my breath,
Is the reason of my Savior’s death.
For in those mournful, sunken eyes,
His loves embrace my bitter cries.

The angry words that shattered me,
Break on the cross I love so dearly.
No more will I be slain by fear;
This curse stops right now, right here.

Freed from hatred and the shame,
God’s grace snuffed out sin’s evil flame.
He gave His life to set me free,
Forgiveness is alive in me!



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