The Smart Ass

Here’s an old one. Someone compared me to a beast of burden.
The poem asks a very poignant question of the reader at the end

Tis hidden from the great and wise,
Just what a smart ass knows.
And I was ass-tounded when I learned,
The truthful tail his record shows.

Despite the reputation,
That he’s only just a twit,
The bray betrays in such a way,
Of knowing quite a bit.

Twas he who saved mad Balaam,
From the righteous wrath of God.
For fools rush in on hob-nailed shoes,
Where asses and angels fear to trod.

And when Christ the Lord was born on Earth;
When God became a man.
It took the ass to take them inn,
His humble stall brought forth God’s plan.

So if anyone would ask you,
Just why an ass is smart,
The answer lies behind those eyes,
That take God’s Word to heart.

Are you blind, or can you see,
The plan of God unfold?
Or will you fall like Balaam did,
Though by an ass you too were told?

For though this poem is silly,
Its message rings so true.
Mule it over in your mind,
Just what kind of an ass are you?

Hee Haw

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24 thoughts on “The Smart Ass

  1. Grace says:

    Hi Walter ~ Such fun ~ For OLN, we only allow 1 poem for each poet ~ Please let me know which one to delete as you have 2 entries ~ Thanks for joining in ~

  2. kanzensakura says:

    I like this a lot. Although light in tone, it is full of wisdom. The wordplay is wonderful but the question….oh my. Anyone with any grain of sense would have to think about their answer.

  3. katiemiafrederick says:

    SMiLes.. A smARt
    ass beats a
    dead ass..
    any time
    but sure..
    THen there iS
    sacrifice.. iS..
    as well.. for onLy
    flesh and blood..
    and of course that
    sTill leaves a mes
    Sage too.. in

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