Since I don’t have to prepare anything special tonight,
I’ll toss this in the microwave and viola, leftovers:

Swirl an ounce of white vinegar
Between your gums while whistling
The 1812 overture in “b” flat
French kiss a live jellyfish, then
Marinate your mother
In a jigger of “I told you so”
Chill to room temperature
And pour liberally over guests
Serve with warm crow for dessert

We’re serving leftovers tonight at the pub
Drop in and enjoy Dversepoets.com


24 thoughts on “Leftovers

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Yeah, that’s like the guy that caught poaching an eagle. The judge asked him, “Son, why did you do it?”. The young man said, “Well, your honor, when I was young, we were very poor and had to poach to live”. “Wow,” said the judge, “that’s terrible, son. How did it taste. The young man replied, “kind of like blue heron, sir.”. .

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