Bob’s Eulogy

This is a eulogy for Bob, a neighborhood goat.  He was taken from us at a very tender moment in gastronomical terms by the animal control officer.

Ole Bob, I hardly knew ye
And yet I feel a kinship
A longing deep within me
Dribbles from my lower lip

Oh for one last loving glance
Across the dinner table
One last exchange perchance
Alas, you are not able

But I hunger for a little more
A taste of what we had before
To be joined together as one
Till our last meal is done.

Amen: Pass the gravy, brother.

28 thoughts on “Bob’s Eulogy

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Love to run up full on some dark levity out here on the dVerse trail; not sure where this fits in the prompt, but hell, it is a smile, a giggle, a nice diversion; good job, & Adieu to Bob.

  2. kanzensakura says:

    Well, the animal control took dear Bob so it is indeed an unintentional goodbye. I find it hard to eat anything with a face, actually. But excellent dark humor here. I have a feeling this prompt will be a heavy one.

  3. B. E. Adalgari says:

    Oh god, reading this makes me mad at myself for not having the willpower to be a vegetarian. Poor old Bob :O Like everyone’s said, this was a great bit of dark humor, and a good break from the heavier subjects we’ve had to contend with today.

    But srsy, poor, poor Bob

  4. katiemiafrederick says:

    oH.. YeaH
    genetic STiLL
    memory and aLL
    oF thAT aS hUmans
    have A long history
    of enjoying sacRedrum
    death oF eWe.. poor
    Goats.. i rather
    fancy liFe and do
    Love to eat Leg of Lamb..
    as long as i am not NoW
    the one
    to slice
    the throat..
    oh.. the dirty
    worK oF liFe
    and hAnds so
    iVory tower cLean..;)

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