Have you hugged your aloe today?

oh yes I have today;
I don’t find this plant so healing.
Red welts on my skin a peeling.
You see?
The spikes do not love me.

For a bumper sticker queried,
About this lovely, bright bouquet,
“Have you hugged your aloe today?”
What the hey?
What else to say?

I must rush right out this hour,
And buy this loving, healing plant;
But this hug was from a sycophant.
Now I see.
This is but mockery.

The salesman’s frothing lips aspray,
With virtuous wonders to be told,
And ardor for this weed extolled,
I was caught.
I bought without a thought.

I didn’t understand nor grasp,
This bumper’s schtick was to employ,
Its gaffe,
but not to teach me joy.
But anon,
twas just an oxymoron.


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