My Little Slice of Texas

Frank has challenged us today at Dverse to write poetry in Common verse using heptameter. I was a little short for time, so I reran an older one. It’s about my town in Texas. The first and third lines of each stanza have three iambs (feet). Numbers two and four have four iambs:

Home is where the heart is,
That’s what I was always told.
What sets my home apart is,
My town has a heart of gold!

City folks go racing
Don’t have time to say hello
Kerrville, at a slower pace
Cheers me when I’m feeling low

Think I’ll settle down here
Where the Guadalupe plays
Live my life with dear friends
Kerrville’s where I’ll spend my days


10 thoughts on “My Little Slice of Texas

  1. frankhubeny says:

    Nice poem in honor of Kerrville. I could hear the seven iambs in the common meter throughout. I don’t think it matters how one splits those seven iambs into lines. The listener won’t see the line breaks. I like how you made the split.

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