Trumpet’s Call

The challenge at Dverse poets tonight is to
write a quadrille of exactly 44 words.
The subject to be used is curl, in whatever fashion you please.

Curling rage is stirring deep
Spirits of a day long past
Awaken vapors then asleep
Those hearing faint aghast
Nowhere to run

Zigzag lightning beckons all
Blaring trumpets sirens long
No snoozing to this wakeup call
None mute this dreadful song
Nowhere to hide

34 thoughts on “Trumpet’s Call

  1. Victoria Young says:

    There does seem to be a lot of curling rage out there – hope it doesn’t turn to apathy. But then, there’s no where to hide so we must focus and hit it straight on. Good post! 🔨 I think you hit a nerve.

  2. lillian says:

    Curling rage……let the trumpet call. I’m recalling the verse in Handel’s Messia about >>>and the trumpets shall call……or something like that. It is one of the most stirring parts of this musical score and sung, I believe, by the bass. It never fails to lift the audience to their feet!

  3. alisonhankinson says:

    I thought it was about a battle…the Clansmen versus the English…Culloden or something similar..the final call and confrontation in the Jacobite rebellion… the trumpet marked the signal….took me there…all kilts and morning mist and rancid fear…

  4. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Not living in America and therefore seeing political implications immediately, I thought it a wonderful description of someone losing their temper explosively.

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