Temple’s Time

This temple’s first design,
A well laid plan of God,
Helped me to define,
My youthful earthly bod.
Now in an aged decline;
Is like a road well trod.

My hair a forest dense,
All but deserted now.
Like a whitewashed fence,
Pearly whites a pretty row,
Are all but now dispensed.
Time dealt a heavy blow!

My spine from base to nape,
Stood upright and erect!
Now like a stooping ape,
A jumbled broken wreck;
My curb appeals agape,
All passers by reject.

Stair steps open wide;
My gait has long since strayed.
With left feet turned aside,
My cocky walk’s betrayed.
Though neighbors all deride,
I can’t seem to feel afraid.

All in all I’m wall to wall;
foundation’s still upright.
Though facades begun to fall,
I’ll still sleep well tonight,
And know Who is my all;
My Maker got it right.

Thank God!

In the Dverse Lounge we are being prompted by Sarah McNulty to examine diy building, so i’ve put mine up to see. Sarah’s site, Purple Pen in Portland is chock full of wisdom and beauty.


21 thoughts on “Temple’s Time

  1. Singledust says:

    this was a totally different take and a pleasant surprise indeed, we are after all the temple of a great Creator! loved how you gave such humour to all the well traveled parts of your temple!

      1. Singledust says:

        Heeheee! This made me smile some more. High mileage…..such a lovely phrase. I am sure you have still many more good days to go. Warranty stamped with infinity! Right on the heart!

  2. lillian says:

    Ah … our bodies house our souls, our laughter and our tears. Glad your foundation is still solid my friend — ther’s always a few cracks in the plaster over time 😊😉

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