Carnitas Ole’

We’re celebrating favorite foods tonight at the Dverse Lounge.  Try one of my favorites, Carnitas.

Whenever I think of my favorite food, one item comes to mind. It’s Carnitas on Saturday afternoon at the Taqueria. It’s roasted pork tips, very juicy; served with pinto beans and Spanish rice, with a little salad on the side. They cook it slow, all night long. It’s only available for Saturday lunch. If your too late, you get nothing. Come early and eat fast!

I eat so much, I feel like I’m ready to burst. It’s hard to stop once you start,and they include nacho chips and salsa on the side. It’s so juicy and greasy, it’s hard to put it down.  There’s no pretence of healthy cooking here; I need to go back this week.

Carnitas ole’

We’re in hog heaven today

Mexican, sure can!


32 thoughts on “Carnitas Ole’

  1. kanzensakura says:

    The senryu at the end is so very clever and fun. I love carnitas! There is a small mom and pop place nearby that sells the best carnitas. They serve it with several wedges of lime which adds to those juicy greasy layers of goodness. Fun prompt!

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Yes, Glenn. And there are an infinite number of varieties, depending whose cooking it and where they are from. Out in California or Arizona, they’d be totally different than South Texas

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