Ballooning Away the Day

At Dverse tonight we’re making quadrilles with balloons. I decided to just hang around:

Ballooning away the entire day;
Sailing over my chores aloft.
Like Ferris Bueller skipping away,
Taking the whole day off.

Hay needs baling, cows assailing,
Ranch fences all fell down.
Not going back to the old line shack,
Till the foreman returns from town!

61 thoughts on “Ballooning Away the Day

  1. Singledust says:

    nice one! sometimes we need these sort of days, to leave some chores undone. While our hearts escape and go have some fun! Especially when we know no one will tell on us!

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Thanks, Gospel. In reality days off back then were few and far between. I got off early on rainy days, right after fixing water gaps, picking up dead goats, bleah😢

  2. Olga says:

    Retirement can be so easy-going. One day drifts softly into another. Easier to let go of “have to’s” and balloon the day away. I’m in my fourth year. Loved the read, Walter. ❤

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Yes maam, lots of day, lots less money. But, the extra time is handy. Now I understand why my crazy neighbors spend so much time in the yard, got nowhere else to go lol

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