Nocturnal Spring Aria

Again tonight from the beautiful Dverse Lounge, there’s more to Spring.

What’s that buzzing that you hear,
From outside your inner ear,
Waking up from deep inside your weary brain?

Have you lost all common sense?
Has your pony jumped the fence?
Does this mean you’ve lastly up and gone insane?

No, the Spring has finally sprung,
And we skeeters have all come.
We’re here to see if you’ve a pint to spare!

And we’re wanting to be nice,
Cause your veins are Paradise;
So we’re whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

So just drop off to sleep;
We’ve an errand left to keep.
We’re going to stick a big one in your rear!

Nighty night, sleep tight
Don’t let them little nippers bite

20 thoughts on “Nocturnal Spring Aria

  1. Mish says:

    I am swatting at my computer screen…you little nippers! Those mosquitoes can have an attitude.
    This was a fun take on the prompt. Thanks!

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