Winner, Winner, Mammal Dinner

In the Dverse Poet’s Lounge tonight, we’re giving animals a voice. It’s called anthropomorphism, (that’s a mouthful); like Donald that special bird, or Mickey that wonderful rodent. My special animal is a world class eater:

A skeeter’s life just really sucks
I’ve drunk your deet spray all my days
You people are such awful schmucks
But I’ve got lots of kids to raise

My larvae squirm and long to fly
But they need protein milkshakes
To see their future touch the sky
I suck down your juicy blood steaks

As I fly by I sing by choice
“Winner, winner; mammal dinner”.
In my high nasal skeeter voice
I get fat and you get thinner

But swatting, slapping and the like
Have rattled all my schemes
Now I just sit and hide my spike
I can’t take all your screams

Ha, Ha, Sucker, you wish

34 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, Mammal Dinner

  1. lillian says:

    ok……….you WIN! I’m sitting here with my morning coffee and I just laughed out loud when I read the title. GREAT take on the prompt! You are a clever guy!!! 🙂 I don’t think I shall ever swat at another mosquito without chanting in my head, “Winner, winner, mammal dinner!” This is hilarious:)
    LOVE it!

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