Tonight in the Dverse Pub we are to use a Billboard Number 1 hit from the days of our youth. My choice is Volare as performed by Domenico Modugno. Volare was also a Plymouth sedan. 1958 was my fifth year of life. I liked the song a lot though I didn’t understand the lyrics. The second stanza is part of the original song. Each line is translated below the Italian:

Volare ooh oh
My Car she no go
No wonder my happy heart sings
My volare has given me wings
I knew that I can’t drive a Plymouth
After drinking a quart of Vermouth
But I don’t like the bus
Like a big drunken wuss
I just want to get to my house
Now the harps I hear playing
This tune they are saying:

nel blu dipinto di blu,
In the blu painted blue
felice di stare lassù,
Happy to stay up there,
e volavo, volavo
And I flew and flew
felice, più in alto del sole
Happy, higher than the sun
ed ancora più su,
And yet more up
mentre il mondo pian piano
While the world
spariva lontano laggiù,
Slowly disappeared down below
una musica dolce suonava
A sweet music playing
soltanto per me.
Just for me.


28 thoughts on “Volare

  1. frankhubeny says:

    I remember that song. I didn’t understand the lyrics either. Your interpretation is as good as any. I also remember the Plymouth sedan Volare although my parents bought Chevrolet vehicles.

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Thanks Frank. I liked the song lots better than the Plymouth. Stayed with me longer. I was just looking at a song from 1963 called Sukiake; not a word of English, but number 12 of the year. Music grabs us even without words we understand

  2. lillian says:

    You are one clever writer! I remember the song well…as I was 11. I used to belt out just that one word when the song was on….having no idea what it meant either but loving to just belt it out!!! I was an “active” participant in the music I listened too. 🙂
    Clever write here………had no idea about the car. The only car I recognized in those days was a Buick…because of the “holes” in the side and because my dad always had a Buick. Love the lines about the bus wuss!
    Okay…..now Volare is an ear worm and that’s not good because it’s only 6:58 AM and I’ve got a lot of the day ahead of me to keep hearing this song in my head!!! 🙂

    1. Waltermarks says:

      never did have a clue, glad we were able to use songs from our youth. Yuo’ll get it out of your head in time, just start singing, “I wish I was an Oscar Mayer hot dog… lol

      1. Kathy Reed says:

        I, too, remember singing along with this..my Spanish made me think it meant “I will fly away, I will fly away to you”…glad you posted the actual translation. Uplifting and fun, a part of my youth for sure!

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Dean Martin popularized it in the 60’s with English lyrics. I think I liked the Italian one better, even though I didn’t understand it one bit. It was just kind of a happy tune. Thanks Paul

      1. colorfulpen says:

        It is a good one. Italian is a pretty language. I once attended a wedding where two friends of the bride sang a song in Italian. I had no idea what the song was but it gave me goosebumps they sang it so beautifully.

  3. whippetwisdom says:

    I think the comment I left yesterday may have ended up in your spam folder. I just wanted you to know that I love what you have done here. I remember the song very well and sang along with it without understanding a word :o)

  4. Colin Lee says:

    I know this one! Gave me an ear bug right away. I like how you weaved the poem with the actual lyrics. Brilliant! And thanks to your translation, Walter, I now at last understand its meaning.

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