Limerick Night

We’re serving limericks tonight at the dverse bar. Here’s a trio:

Monkey Around

She came to find refuge from fright
I found her one Saturday night
We monkeyed around
Swatted planes to the ground
But the Empire State was my plight

Last Standing

Golden locks were my downfall you see
Sitting bull rose and left his teepee
With the local folks ired
At Little Bighorn expired
I lost my long yellow toupee

The Inheritance

There was a young lady in ardor
Who decided to barter her garter
But no man could be found
Tho she searched thru the town
So she gave it instead to her daughter


31 thoughts on “Limerick Night

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I got hooked with Custer, though Kong was a close second. I just can’t get to up for titling my silly limericks. They boil out quick, and their silliness is their strong suit.

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