No More Piddies

We’re getting grizzly here at the Dverse Lounge. Kim has ordered mayhem tonight. This is a blood-curdling tail of betrayal and destruction:

They accused me of just making spam
All along they thought I was a ham
So now they know how I’m devoted
My carcass is all dried and Bloated

Out in the bright Sun I smile real wide
But I’m rotten way down deep inside
All along I wanted to stay home
but this little piddy was forced to roam

Out in the city i cried wee wee wee
But only the butcher could hear me
As he tried to kill me with a hatchet
For this little piddy went to market

He swung real hard, was such a fright
I gave one last wee with all my might
Piddy poo sprayed all over the floor
But this piddy could wee no more


14 thoughts on “No More Piddies

  1. frankhubeny says:

    I usually think of a “piggy” going to market and crying “wee, wee, wee”, but maybe I learned it wrong. I like how he was nicely “rotten way down deep inside”.

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