Sam I Am’s Revenge

Kim has ordered us to deal death in the Dverse Lounge tonight. This is a tale of twisted revenge. Perhaps you always wondered. Here the whole truth is told:

Eggs and ham are the greatest kind of stuff
But you never ate; made my life so rough
Though I cried far and wide that you should dine
For Sam I am my life was far from fine

The yolks were yellow when I first proffered
But now they are green and slimy coiffured
You must eat them now so this pun may end
Rejecting Sam I am’s become a trend

To watch you croak and gag and reel with pain
Will reward me greatly, I’ve gone insane
If only in the days gone by, you see
If you had quaffed the eggs in my decree

Now one more bite and you will end my quest
So eat this one last bite at my behest
Worm farming large you will now pursue
For Sam I Am’s revenge is overdue


26 thoughts on “Sam I Am’s Revenge

  1. Grace says:

    I never thought of Dr. Seuss being that quite mad and frightening ~

    So well done Mark ~ I never did like to eat green eggs and ham ~ Love your take ~

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