Shark Repellant

The smell of sweet success,
wafts upon the morning tides.
My hungry eyes, adventurous,
I long to see deep red insides.

A sea of possibilities,
Tingles me along the way,
Another chance encounter?
A rendezvous with human prey!

Can you feel my presence yet?
I’m all a titter and a drooling,
Wanna make a real sure bet;
Whose blood will soon be pooling?

Swim faster, get an inkling,
Your struggles feel sooo good.
My laterals are tingling,
To suckle on your flowing blood.

I’ll put my bite fast on you;
I love white meat and dark.
First I’ll eye a leg or two,
For me It’s all a happy lark.

Closing on my dinner table;
A heady, sweaty, musky stew.
His fear is all so palpable,
Bathes me in a heady brew.

Nibbling just below his rear,
Lets out a gentle gush.
Now he knows with mortal fear,
He’ll lose his hairy tush!

Argh, oh no, i’m in distress,
Prospects now are looking poor.
His trunks are an untidy mess,
Once again it’s poop de jour!


34 thoughts on “Shark Repellant

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Interesting foray into being eaten alive. probing the shark’s mind set; very creative, rife with clever humor.

  2. kim881 says:

    Ooh, you just made me shudder, Walter! I’m not afraid of much but sharks are my worst nightmare, even though I’ll probably never come across one in my life.

  3. Mish says:

    Inventive and playful. I especially like the third stanza with “I’m all a titter and a drooling”. Looks like that shark bit off more than he could…..ewww.

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