The Aeneid

The Dverse Lounge is hosted by Lillian who advises us to write a poem using the word “gift”.  Consider the many ways the word can be used: gift of gab, a special trait, a package wrapped in ribbons, gifting someone, etc.

Always look a gift horse in the mouth.
Or your good day could go South
Consider Trojans trusting Greeks
Their warring ways of b-ball speak
Who dribbled out to play some horse
While Trojans were passed out of course
And so at last they lost their Aeneas (their leader)
This lesson to this day still pains us
He brought the curtain down you see
The final act, a Trojan tragedy


36 thoughts on “The Aeneid

  1. jerennazuto says:

    I love the first line, it was hilarious (maybe for me?) and I love how you linked it with the Trojan horse. We have a saying in our country about how one shouldn’t check the teeth of a free cow, it was fun to read.

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