37 South

The challenge in the Dverse Lounge today is to write a quadrille, (poem of exactly 44 words). Today’s word is “storm”:

Down 37,
Stormin South.
Hankerin for Redfish,
Is brewin in my mouth.

Goin fishin,
Makin my way,
Landry’s at the T-head;
Corpus Christi Bay.

Lured inside,
Grilled fish smells,
“Feed us”, we chide;
Waiters ring dinner bells.
We’re the catch of the day, I’d say!

We’re off to Corpus Christi, TX tomorrow for a fishing trip at Landry’s Seafood Boat on the T-Head. Always land the catch of the day there, no matter the weather. It’s the old paddle wheeler tied up at the dock

59 thoughts on “37 South

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    My wife is from Victoria, TX, a little closer than you are from Corpus. I like to fish, but don’t like to eat much beyond whitefish. DOWN 37 veered me off into crossroad puzzles & other metaphors.

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    Love the Fishing adventure, the waiter jest and Route 37 . I had to look that up and found a fun British Band by the name of 37 South. Wish I could join you on a fishing trip like that. Sounds like fantastic company!

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