All Points Bulletin

Well here we are at the dverse precinct. We’ve put out an APB on this suspect:

He’s known as Frank the Weenie
The hit man from Chiweenie
With a nose like a doxen
Moves in like a chihuahua boxin
Suspect is armed to the teeth
Though his height is fairly brief
Provoked, He is an ankle biter
Known to be a real dogged fighter

Known Disguise

Picture credit to the dog breeder info center



24 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin

  1. lillian says:

    LOVE IT! So are you going to take the challenge I issued? To take all the savory characters baked up in these posts, and put them all into one post — a kind of gang? 🙂 Similar to creating a quadrille using all the words 🙂 I dare ya! 🙂

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