Dragons Leap and Play

For the ninth day of NAPOWRIMO, the challenge is to put large and small rhings together. So here are dragons making s’mores out of tourists and eat natives for breakfast:

Past the mythic isles of Mandalay,
The cantor roars with raging joy.
Here large dragons leap and play,
And life is sung from day to day.

Large Gogolong and Dagereet,
Address their breakfast, eating all;
Natives walking in bare feet,
Salt and peppered for a treat.

Here time has fled in full retreat;
Bows not to lowly humankind,
For dragon’s scales are quite complete,
With plates of iron from head to feet.

If you be shipwrecked on these shores,
Bring choc’late, crumb and marshmallow.
Dragons will love you grilled as s’mores;
Unless you’d rather do their chores.

But if you’re sweet and slightly round,
You won’t be asked to help with work.
With just dessert’s where you’ll be found;
Oh don’t look now, they’re all around!


52 thoughts on “Dragons Leap and Play

      1. Waltermarks says:

        I think it’s wilder than Walt Disney could ever have perceived or believed. Still a cruise would be nice. They were giving away cruises to the Bahamas and Jamaica in the seventies for 29 or 39 dollars a night

      1. Waltermarks says:

        Bless you! I have a neighbor who just decided to chain his puppy out in the backyard until he rots I guess. That’s one of air conditioning’s great benefits, drowns out the noise

      2. Jane Dougherty says:

        Why do people get a dog if it’s to keep it out of sight and out of mind? It was quiet here last night finally, except for the whirring of about a million air conditioning units 🙂

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Reads like a script for a David Lynch movie One must never trust dragons. especially; when riding in wagons.

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