Dragons Leap and Play

It’s quadrille Monday in the Dverse Lounge and Kim has us peppering our pages with 44 words exactly about pepper:

In the mythic isles of Mandalay
The cantor roars for raging joy
While dragons leap and play
As life is sung from day to day

Gogolongs and Dagereet,
Greet the morning eating all;
Natives walking in bare feet,
Salt and peppered for a treat.


50 thoughts on “Dragons Leap and Play

      1. Waltermarks says:

        I think it’s wilder than Walt Disney could ever have perceived or believed. Still a cruise would be nice. They were giving away cruises to the Bahamas and Jamaica in the seventies for 29 or 39 dollars a night

      1. Waltermarks says:

        Bless you! I have a neighbor who just decided to chain his puppy out in the backyard until he rots I guess. That’s one of air conditioning’s great benefits, drowns out the noise

      2. Jane Dougherty says:

        Why do people get a dog if it’s to keep it out of sight and out of mind? It was quiet here last night finally, except for the whirring of about a million air conditioning units 🙂

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Reads like a script for a David Lynch movie One must never trust dragons. especially; when riding in wagons.

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