I’ve Fallen Up

In the dverse lounge, Mish has asked us for a sign:

Help, I’ve fallen up
and I can’t get down.
“Bungee jump”‘ they said.
“It’ll be fun”, my dread.
I could wind up dead,
In outerspace.

To save some face,
I cracked the hatch.
Outside in space,
With great panache.
Where’s my bungee cord?
Oh Lord!

Oh my word,
They’re turning back.
Think I’ll have,
A heart attack.
I see the ground,
Five hundred miles down.



27 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen Up

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Thanks, I needed that. Kept hearing David Bowie reciting this. I have pics of upside down signs too, but the Muses flatlined in that format

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