Living Letters

Paul Scribbles has asked us to write a blessing in the Dverse Lounge tonight:

I wrote you for this moment
Scripted in eternity
I gave your life a purpose
Long before it came to be

I am your eternal author
My word is your abode
That shifting sands of time
Cannot debase nor erode

An epistle of My love
Gifted to all history
Testified by my own blood
In flesh for all to see.


35 thoughts on “Living Letters

  1. Singledust says:

    Tender words for a most loved Father. He gave our life a purpose even before we came to be, I just love that. We forget the real eternal source of the blessings in our life, thank you for the timely reminder.

  2. Colin Lee says:

    Amen. How I wish we sing such life-affirming poetry in churches, not the lip service to the new-agey showbiz of Christian karaoke. (Feel free to forward this to Dad for me. Sigh.)

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