Gravity en Gravitas

Here at the Dverse Lounge, Frank has asked us to write a poem using the minute form. The formula for it may be found here
I have long secretly believed the failure of my younger, leaner physique, may not be attributed to such ridiculous notions as diet, lack of exercise or age. Now at last I may reveal the simple truth; suppressed by government scientists:

My white hair at last abandoned,
My head at random.
If this tidbit,
Were all of it;

But my butt sank so long ago,
I miss it so.
My chestโ€™s for sure,
Sunken treasure;

But all this causes me no fits,
The answerโ€™s this,
My failings be,
From gravity!


39 thoughts on “Gravity en Gravitas

  1. Just Barry says:

    Something must be done about the menace that is gravity. My beer gut and receding hairline feels your pain!

    This was clever and funny!

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