Ranch Life

Here in the Dverse Poets Lounge, Hayes Spencer (kanzensakura), has asked us to write a Haibun from our real life experiences:

Cedar Whacker

I worked on a ranch in South Texas 30 years ago. We were building 10 foot high fences, around the ranch to keep exotic wildlife in. My part in all of this involved cutting cedar for posts and staves.
I would start early in the morning, since it was 100 degrees + in the cedar breaks with no wind blowing. One day while I was cutting with my chainsaw, a limb fell down and knocked my arm holding the saw down over my leg. It cut through my pants about 5 or 6 inches long, but did not cut into the top of my thigh. I was real happy and learned to exercise great care while operating power tools.

Kindest cut of all
Summer cedar whackerโ€™s leg
Spared by grace of God


33 thoughts on “Ranch Life

  1. hayesspencer says:

    Excellent! I know those cedars also have to be cut so grass will grow as it doesn’t grow under the cedars. You had a close call but…spared by the Grace of God.

  2. sarahsouthwest says:

    That could have been really nasty. I hope you were wearing safety trousers! In compensation, it has given you the best second line of a haiku ever written in the entire history of haiku writing.

  3. Victoria C. Slotto says:

    You were watched over, for sure. A week or two ago, and inmate firefighter near here was trying to cut a fire break with a chain saw. He tripped on the mountainous terrain , fell on the saw and, sadly, didn’t make it.

  4. Frank Hubeny says:

    It is dangerous working in the woods. I used to thin naturally reseeded stands for forest companies with a brush cutter. It was not as dangerous as a chainsaw but one could do a lot of damage.

  5. lillian says:

    You’ve told the tale well. Time softens the shock of having something like this almost happen….but the fact that your wrote about it here means it still lives within your being. I am so very glad all turned out well.

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