Shark Fight

This is Lora Walters. I’ve got a poem tonight. Kim is tending bar in the Dverse Poet’s Lounge. She has asked us to punch up our poetry with strong verbage. These are to be landscapes:

Vic Vicious Shark, barked,
“Mako my day, punky puffer”
Don’t flounder around with me
I’m the baddest shark in the sea

Bite me sucka,
I’m one tough puffer.
I’ll blow you up;
Make you up Chuck.

So the puffer inflated,
and the shark inhaled.
Through the back wall
of the tank they sailed.
And were blown out to sea
And that’s the truth you see


19 thoughts on “Shark Fight

  1. kim881 says:

    Oh that was fun, Lora! I am not a shark fan – they scare the pants off me – but I do like the Clint Eastwood shark: “Mako my day, punky puffer”!

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