No Fear

Victoria has asked us to express our fears in a quadrille (44 word poem), tonight for the Dverse Lounge:

“Nothing to fear,
but fear itself.”
But before you
Utter this yourself.

When these brave words,
First truly spoken;
Our nation’s dreams,
And hearts were broken.

F.D.R.’s address
Should give you pause.
For trash talk expressed,
Could cause your death.


43 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. kanzensakura says:

    My father survived that war but was never the same afterwards. But he gave me good advice given to him by his commander – don’t take any quarter and don’t give it. One can get oneself killed, true but when facing up to bullies it is best to not show fear. Being only 4’10”, I have met bullies in my day. And I never let them know I was afraid.

  2. sarahsouthwest says:

    Linda, you made me laugh! There are a lot of people talking nonsense about fear. There’s nothing wrong with fear, it’s important to note it. It shouldn’t stop you, of course, but it is an important message from the world.

  3. Janice says:

    I enjoyed your poem and the conversation it inspired Walter. My take on fear is that there is a vast number of circumstances and responses to fear…ultimately being able to acknowledge one’s own fear and continue to function is important.

  4. paul scribbles says:

    The fear that stops you charging head first into certain death is a good fear and worth listening to. Sadly millions of lives have been lost because the opposite became the truth. Thoughtful pen Walt.

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