Canned Tuna Shark

Grace has us writing a Haibun in the Japanese wabi-sabi theme, for the Dverse Lounge tonight. This involves transience and imperfection in form. Mine concerns a nearly perfect predator that is on the verge of extinction due to dietary loss:

The ancient canned tuna shark is one of nature’s rarest contradictions. He swims through the canned meat section of your local grocery store, stalking his quarry. Though a voracious predator, he is largely unable to digest his prey. His plastic teeth are unable to peirce the carapace of the canned tuna.

Powerful wabi-sabi digestive juices eventually do penetrate the carapace, but this long period between swallowing and absorbtion of the tuna meat have caused this predator to lose many meals. Due to this defect, and not being able to find the fresh fish section, he has been put on the endangered species list.

The season has passed
Since coolers have ended
The tuna shark’s reign


32 thoughts on “Canned Tuna Shark

  1. lillian says:

    “the carapace of the canned tuna”
    Love this line! The demised of the canned tuna, salmon, smelt, canned fish. Thankfully we can get fresh fish here in Boston. I have vivid memories of eating my mother’s canned salmon/noodle/pea casserole on Friday nights. 😦

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