Anytown USA

Jilly is helping us to do urban renewal in the Dverse Lounge tonight. It can be kind of scary:

Howdy neighbor
Welcome to Anytown USA
We’re John and Jane Doe
Atypical family
we have 2.5 children
(As per the 2020 census)

Little Johnny will be in sports
Little Janie will be a mom
Our half child is a little one-sided

Anytown is into urban renewal
We are recycling people
Please lay down on the conveyer
To receive your free gift
We are a true Ai society
The future of Earth

Howdy neighbor
Welcome to Anytown…

19 thoughts on “Anytown USA

  1. lillian says:

    Our half child is a little one-sided —— smiling I am. But you’ve really achieved almost a Stepford Wives feeling by repeating the robot-like line at the end…Howdy Neighbor, welcome to AnyTown….it’s a continuous loop.
    Well done!

  2. Charley says:

    Let’s see… Westworld, Futureworld (a bad remake), The Truman Show, and AnyTown. Gack! I’d gladly become a hick from the sticks rather than be recycled (shades of Soylent Green!). Truly scary. Truly prophetic. Truly awesome.

    1. Waltermarks says:

      I’m sorry Mary. I was so tired yesterday and couldn’t make any sense out of it, so I quit. Today looked better though. I didn’t see the robot part till this a.m.

  3. Gospel Isosceles says:

    Eerie. I think it’s ironic that we Americans pride ourselves on our diversity and melting pottedness, but then we as consumers (of materials, information, etc.) allow for this soul-sucking homogeneity to take over our cities, families, and lives.

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