The Septets

Frank, at the Dverse bar as requested a Septet, (poem of seven lines), for Thursday night’s session of Meeting the Bar:

The septet seven in a row
In flatter “E” wail, “mom not now”
A raucous racket, what a row
As mom prepares their final bow
All seven heads are bowing low
Lullabies rock their cradled bough
Such sweet refrains her chords bestow

15 thoughts on “The Septets

  1. lillian says:

    Oh my! I cannot imagine having septets….or 7 children! We do have 5 lovely grandchildren….and about twice a year we see them all together (two 12 year olds; two 10 year olds; and one 8 year old). It is always a wonderful, fun and raucous time!
    Had not even thought of this meaning for “septet.” Good one!

    1. lillian says:

      Oooooh….just read other comments and realize you meant the performers…I’m not familiar with them so took it to mean children as well. Either way….a great response to the prompt!

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Thanks Grace. I don’t know how anyone could handle septuplets, singing or not. I used to work in a daycare office in front of a room full of singing babies. They had nerves of steel, lol.

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