Sham I Am

Jilly is tending the Dverse Lounge tonight. She has requested that we write a repetitive poem. With the November elections at hand, I have had lots of “one on one‘ time with political phone surveys of late. I am venting a little here, but not in regard to any political candidate or affiliation.

Politicians on my phone
Droning surveys monotone:

“Would you let us
in your life
To bring whirled peas
And end all strife.”

I will not let you
in my life
Though smooth
Your words cut like a knife
I do not like the taste of spam
I will not let you Sham I Am

“Would you join us on the mall,
In D.C. when we rally all?
Support our platform
Shtick by shtick?”

I will not join you
on the mall.
I’d sooner nail you
to the wall;
I will not be your biggest fan
I do not like you Sham I Am!


43 thoughts on “Sham I Am

  1. jillys2016 says:

    I am howling!!! I’ve been ranting a good bit lately about the intrusiveness of it all, so I love, love, love this Suess-esque poem you’ve written. I do so like it, yes I do, and I will read it through and through. So glad you shared your Spam I am, thank you, thank you, poet man 😉

      1. jillys2016 says:

        Yeppers! And your poem might be just the trick to get my writing going – that is my favorite style (hence the Silly Jilly stuff.) Thanks for that, Mark!

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Good for you. There’s a fine line between ranting and grossly offending. Where’s that nurse with my night meds? A drop of Thorazine between the cheek and gums keeps us all happy

      1. Gina says:

        I am sure! that is a cute word though, maybe bamfuzzle them before they do you! lovely weekend to you Walter, without more telephone calls i hope!

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