Where I am in Life

Here we are in a new year again. Merril is tending the Dverse bar tonight. She asked us to travel in time. I decided to go both ways:

Where I was at right now,
is not where I am then.
Moving in this line of thought,
Takes me to my home again.

The tolling bell will tell me
When I shall next be racked
A must upon the wheel of life
So I do not lose track.

31 thoughts on “Where I am in Life

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I often, long retired lose track of days, as they race along blending together–yet we recall those days when it is our turn in the barrel, right?

  2. lillianillian says:

    Smiling I am…..remembering my very small portable Smit Corona portable typewriter my folks got for me to take to college…..trying to white-out errors or sometimes erasing so hard I’d get a hole in the paper. It had a TINY carriage return lever but the whole machine was so flat…it never budged an inch when sometimes I’d angrily shove that lever!! Seeing right in front of me where I’d just been….the blooper I caught and the one I didn’t….sometimes the deadline looming, so I had to go faster faster faster and then as often happened, get slowed down more by errors or finally just saying to hell with it and handing in the paper as is…..ah yes. Life as “as is!”

    1. Waltermarks says:

      Thanks Lillian. Happy New Year!!! That’s true, I started office work with an IBM Selectric 3. I was sooo glad. I typed 40 or so words per minute with 5 or 10 errors, arrgh 😠

  3. Lona Gynt says:

    I love the use of rack to describe the carriage return. The ending rhymes mirror that sound, that ear and tactile candy that registers another line, the bell that conditions us to keep typing. Young uns today don’t get that. Love this!

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