Drag On Inn

I’m glad it’s Monday too! And glad to see De Jackson is tending the Dverse Bar. Dragon is the word for the day!

Drag on Inn.
A Maundy Monday
Haunt for them;
Draggled doggerels,
Worn to nubs.
Frazzled riders of the L,
Escape the hubs.
Drag on in
And rest a while.
Don your nightcap
And a smile.
Walk out freshly.
Tuesday’s child
Now full of grace

23 thoughts on “Drag On Inn

  1. Beverly Crawford says:

    Draggled doggerels! Usually to be found in the corner pub on the way home from work!! Great write.

  2. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar says:

    Seriously, having traversed NYC’s subway – those watering holes are very important!

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