Huns Having Fun

Feared by Romans as a barbarian, this tweet, carried by a passenger pigeon was found in the scabbard of one of his generals, revealing Attila to be a civilized, caring, organizational leader.

From: the desk of Attila

To: His big fun-loving Huns:

Memo from Human Resources:
Re: 3 action items

1. Layoffs:

Teaching the Romans to self-pillage,
Saved time & travel to each village.
Outsourcing is a new payoff,
Looters and sackers will be laid off.

2. Face-Time:

Looters & sackers have lots more time,
To perfect what’s now considered crime.
Huns Facebooking in their work day,
Will be unfriended in an awful way.

3. Atilla Care:

Thanks to higher capital gain,
We can still inflict your pain.
Free clubs are in the wrecking hall.
Do unto others, above all.

Thank you very, extremely, painfully, sincerely;

Attila the Kinder, gentler Hun


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